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Some have had problems with downloading our files.  If you have Internet Explorer you should be fine.  If you have Firefox you should right click on the file and then "Save Link As" to your computer.  Then open it.  If you are using Safari, you should download the file and then erase the htm extension  that is on the back end of it.  If the files are opening as ZIP files, then please follow the directions above the downloads below.
THE BOOK:  Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates
The book is finally here.  "Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates" is a book full of great ideas for helping you make lessons for your Smartboard.  It is a 'HOW TO'  book of using SMARTBOARD notebook software.  It is an excellent resource for beginners to advanced users.  The book explains in great detail how to make and use any of the 25 teaching templates that we have covered in the Podcasts.  It is full of color cardstock pages.  It is spiral bound with laminated front and back cover.  This is a great resource for people to have something in their hand to explore as opposed to just looking at instructions on the screen.   The book is written by Scott Miller and David Sladkey who host the Teaching with Smartboard Podcast.   For more information click here.  To see some sample pages please click here.  The cost of the book is $16.95 plus shipping. 


TEACHING TEMPLATES Gallery Collection File

This is a gallery collection file that contains all of our teaching templates.  There are 29 templates in all.  The gallery collection file will go directly into your MY CONTENT tab.  They are very easy to customize.  The Book "Easy SMARTBoard Teaching Templates" use this gallery collection file in the examples.  The cost of the download is $5.  There is no shipping since it is a download.

buy file or download now!

FREE Gallery Collection Files from teachingwithsmartboard.com

These files will open up your Smartboard software and then it looks like nothing happens.  However, it has actually loaded into your Gallery.  So once Smartboard opens, then check your "My Content" (which is in your gallery) to see if the file is there.  If your browser changes the file to a zip file, then you must right click and "save target as".  Then add ".gallery" to the end of the name of the file.  Then go back and click on the file to have it go into your notebook "My Content".
Graphs Dec 2010

Directions Feb 2010

Flash Teaching Templates July 2009
The Gift December 2008

Smartboard Notebook Documents from teachingwithsmartboard.com

If your browser turns the file into a zip file, then do the following:  1.  right click the link and click "save target as".  2.  When naming the file add to the end ".notebook"  This will help the browser to understand what the file is.  3.  Go back and open the file where ever you saved it.

Video Ordering with SMARTBoard Oct 2010

Guidelines for Students to go up to the Smartboard Nov 2009

Classical Music for Smartboard Oct 2009

No Lyric Songs for Smartboard Oct 2009

Gameshow Jingles in Smartboard Oct 2009
Smartboard Document Teaching Templates July 2009    PDF
Flash Smartboard Document Teaching Templates July 2009     PDF
Lesson Structure Templates The Gift December 2008       PDF

Audacity Download
Lame_enc.dll download for Audacity MP3 capabilities

Word Documents
Getting Started with Smartboard 2009


If your browser turns the file into a zip file, then do the following:  1.  right click the link and click "save target as".  2.  When naming the file add to the end ".notebook"  This will help the browser to understand what the file is.  3.  Go back and open the file where ever you saved it.

Smartboard Notebook Documents from each Episode

Smartboard Notebook Document Downloads Smartboard Notebook PDF Downloads LINK to Page

Tem- plate  letter

Title of PODCAST

Episode 91 PDF 91   SMART Notebook Camp 2013
Episode 90 PDF 90   Activity Builder
Episode 89 PDF 89   SMART Notebook Camp:  Two Days of SMARTBOARD Professional Development July 9th and 10, 2012   Get the PDF Order Form Click Here)
Episode 88 PDF 88 F_E Image Rearrange and Energizing Brain Breaks
Episode 87 PDF 87 Y Venn Diagrams Template and more
Episode 86 PDF 86 M and N Named and Unnamed Categories template and examples
Episode 85 PDF 85 V and F_B Label the Diagram and the Flash Template
Episode 84 PDF 84 F_G Flash Image Select Template
Episode 83 PDF 83 F_A Notebook Express and Flash Anagrams Template
Episode 82 PDF 82   Interactive SMARTBoard Games
Episode 81 PDF 81   Minute to Win it and Dual Touch 800 Series SMARTBoard
Episode 80 PDF 80 A Four Corner Sorting and Screen Capture
Episode 79 PDF 79   Tagging in SMART Response and some Holiday Cheer and websites
Episode 78 PDF 78   World Languages and the Transparent Background Feature
Episode 77

Kooshball Example

Kooshball Template

PDF 77   Math Tools #3  Kooshball Template.  We have found that bean bags also work like a kooshball.


Episode 76 PDF 76   Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates Book and the ISTE Conference in Denver CO
Episode 75 PFD 75   Math Tools #2
Episode 74 PDF 74   Math Tools #1
Episode 73 PDF 73 Q Matching Pairs Teaching Template
Episode 72 PDF 72 P Two Column Sorting Template P and Page 20 in the book
Episode 71 PDF 71   Interview with Nancy Knowlton the CEO of SMART Technologies and some thank yous
Episode 70 PDF 70   Printing, Importing and Exporting in Smartboard Notebook Software
Episode 69 PDF 69   Moving Things around in Smartboard Notebook and a submission from Shelly Moses  (Also "Directions" Gallery Collection File)
Episode 68

Stand Tall



68   Animations Part II and a Guest Video from Kelley Garbero
Episode 67 PDF 67 W Guess the Picture and the Making of a Snowflake
Episode 66 PDF 66 X Order of  Importance and a couple of listener letters
Episode 65 PDF 65   Animations and a Couple of Cool Websites
Episode 64 PDF 64   Random Flash Generators in the Gallery
Episode 63 PDF 63 T, U Beginner Tips and Interactive Memorization Templates
Episode 62

Geometry Lesson

PDF 62 O Three Column Sorting and a Geometry Lesson
Episode 61

Jeopardy Template

PDF 61 N Named Category Sorting and a Jeopardy Template
Episode 60 PDF 60 M Category Sorting and our new website teachingwithsmartboard.com
Episode 59 PDF 59   What can I do to increase my Smartboard Skills this summer?
Episode 58 PDF 58   Math, Math, Math TWO and the Lesson Activity Toolkit
Episode 57 PDF 57   Math, Math, Math and Pop Goes the Weasel
Episode 56 PDF 56 F_D Finding the SmartBoard HOT SPOT
Episode 55 PDF 55   All about the SmartBoard Notebook Gallery Part 2 of 2
Episode 54 PDF 54   All about the SmartBoard Notebook Gallery Part 1 of 2
Episode 53 PDF 53   Listener Submissions
Episode 52 PDF 52   The Virtual TI 83 Calculator for SMARTBOARD
Episode 51 PDF 51 Q Matching Pairs, Random Generators, and a new Podcast called Technology in Teaching
Episode 50 PDF 50   50 Things We Love About SMARTBoard.
Episode 49 PDF 49   Art on SMART  Using art on the Smartboard
Episode 48 PDF 48   Pre-made Science Lessons using Smartboard and a site called Classroom 2.0
Episode 47 PDF 47 E Fill in the Missing Pieces Structure and how to save a slide to the gallery
Episode 46 PDF 46 B Why Choose Smartboard?  The classic lesson structure called Characteristic Sorting
Episode 45 PDF 45   The Smartboard Revolution Site, the DREAM CLASSROOM and Connect 4
Episode 44 PDF 44 R,S Using Sound with the Smartboard      Language Arts Lesson Ideas Part 3 of 3
Episode 43 PDF 43   Language Arts Smartboard Lesson Ideas Part 2 of 3
Episode 42 PDF 42   Language Arts Smartboard Lesson Ideas Part 1 of 3
Episode 41 PDF 41   Our Gift to YOU   We hope you have a great holiday season
Episode 40 PDF 40   Geometry Applications Part II  Scott dives into a few lesson ideas for his Geometry Class
Episode 39 PDF 39   Geometry Applications Part 1 We use a variety of tools with Smartboard Version 10 to help Geometry Teachers
Episode 38 PDF 38   Let's Get Started with SMARTBoard (If  you are just new to SMARTBoard then this Videocast is for you!)
Episode 37 PDF 37 M The Lesson Activity Toolkit ( 4 of 4 Episodes) Category Sort, Keyword Match, and Image Match
Episode 36 PDF 36 H The Lesson Activity Toolkit ( 3 of 4 Episodes) Sentence Arrange
Episode 35 PDF 35 F_M The Lesson Activity Toolkit ( 2 of 4 Episodes) Tiles
Episode 34 PDF 34   The Lesson Activity Toolkit ( 1 of 4 Episodes) and a lesson using the table and table shades
Episode 33 PDF 33   More Math Tools and a Math Lesson Using Like Terms
Episode 32 PDF 32   Math Tools:  Protractor, Ruler, Graphs and TI-Interactive Graphs
Episode 31 PDF 31   Random Stuff like alignment, themes, brain breaks, and challenges
Episode 30 PDF 30 L Algebra Tiles and a Random Student Generator created by a listener Sue Palmberg
Episode 29 PDF 29   Senteo and a text to MP3 website (Vozme.com)
Episode 28 PDF 28 S Sound Sorting, Audacity and a Math web site on Domain and Range  (the first minute of this podcast is a little crackley)
Episode 27 PDF 27   Balloon Lesson Structure and the Frog Game
Episode 26 PDF 26   Novice User Part 2 of 2 (changing the default pen settings, text font, and shape colors from the toolbar)
Episode 25 PDF 25   Novice User Part 1 of 2 (backgrounds, the magic pen, and other misc things)
Episode 24 PDF 24   Back to Basics 4 of 4  (Using Smartboard Notebook Version 10)
Episode 23 PDF 23   Back to Basics 3 of 4  (Using Smartboard Notebook Version 10)
Episode 22 PDF 22   Back to Basics 2 of 4  (Using Smartboard Notebook Version 10)
Episode 21 PDF 21   Back to Basics 1 of 4  (Using Smartboard Notebook Version 10)
Episode 20 PDF 20   Our Favorite Podcast and Favorite Blog, Process Circuits
Episode 19 PDF 19 D Jigsaw Puzzles and the making of Jigsaw Puzzles, Google Earth
Episode 18 PDF 18   Tear the Corner, Using Math Type in Notebook, and Delicious
Episode 17 PDF 17   Shell Lessons and Sending a Smartboard Notebook Lesson as a PDF
Episode 16 PDF 16   Reveal the Answer and Using the Scanner
Episode 15 PDF 15   Brainstorm the Order and Ordering items in the Document
Episode 14 PDF 14   Magic Squares and Saving to My Content
Episode 13 PDF 13 J Finish the Chart, the Oops button, and Print Capture
Episode 12


PDF 12   Millionaire, Export a Page to Make of a JPEG  (and cornflakes)
Episode 11 PDF 11 I Class Vote, Saving a page into the Gallery, and the making of Class Vote
Episode 10 PDF 10   Introduction to Senteo, Use your fingernail to move items, Creating Pull Tabs
Episode 9 PDF 9   Toolbox Matching Activity, changing the order on slides, making a timer in your gallery.
Episode 8 PDF 8 H Let's get some order here, customizing the toolbar, and using the virtual TI-84 Calculator
Episode 7 PDF 7 G Slide it Over, the making of Slide Overs, and changing pen styles.
Episode 6 PDF 6 F I burned the lesson plan again, changing the view, and using the freehand screen capture tool.
Episode 5 PDF 5 E Fill in the missing pieces, making regular shapes, Rocks Paper Scissors Math, brain based learning powerpoint
Episode 4 PDF 4 D Nine Piece 3 by 3 puzzle, grouping with the control button, and exporting to powerpoint.
Episode 3 PDF 3 C Memory Game, making a new folder in the gallery, and saving items in the gallery
Episode 2 PDF 2 B Characteristic sorting algebra 1 graphs, infinite cloning, and screen capture within a document
Episode 1 PDF 1 A 4 corner sorting, making a new page and page length, and cloning a page


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