What Are Energizing Brain Breaks?

Energizing Brain Breaks are quick 1-2 minute activities for your classroom or audience.  They take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform.  Students and audiences of all ages love them. Why do they love them?  Because they are fun and make you laugh.  They also challenge your brain.  Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage.  It is suggested to use an Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with your class or audience.  You can imagine a class of students sitting most of the day.  Energizing Brain Breaks help student to stand up and be active every 30 minutes.  The Energizing Brain Breaks Blog started in 2008 and contains many videos of students performing Energizing Bran Breaks.  If you are interested in seeing Energizing Brain Break in action go to this blog entry called Finger Tips Brain Break click here

Energizing Brain Breaks Book is available by clicking here.  It has 50 activities inside.  It has color cardstock pages with a laminated cover and is spiral bound.  It has easy step by step instructions for you to pick up the book and use at anytime.  There are no extra materials and no prep time.  If you would like to see some sample pages from the book then click here

Energizing Brain Breaks DVD is available for purchase as well.  This DVD compliments the Energizing Brain Breaks Book with videos for each of the 50 activities.  Seeing the Brain Breaks in action is very helpful.  If you would like to see some sample videos from the DVD then click here

50% of the profits of the Energizing Brain Breaks Book are donated to the Organization called
Rise International.  Rise helps to build schools in Angola Africa. The majority of student age children do not get to attend schools in Angola because there are NO SCHOOLS available to them.  The country is still recovering from 27 years of Civil War.  Rise has helped build more than 100 school in the 7 years of it's existance. 

We accept POs.  Just email energizingbrainbreaksbook@gmail.com
with your PO or send your PO to Energizing Brain Breaks 518 Sheffield Road  Naperville IL  60565.  Shipping is $3 for orders up to $50 and $6 for orders from $50 to $90.  Any order over $90 has free shipping.  There is no tax for schools.  Please see the Purchase Order page for large orders and pricing.   Call 630+696+7293 if you have any questions.

About the Author

  David Sladkey has been teaching mathematics since 1987.  He ihas been teaching at Naperville Central High School in Naperville IL since 1994.  He was named Teacher of the Year for Naperville Community School District 203 in 2007.  He was named the Office Max Innovative Teacher of the Month in March of 2009.  Energizing Brain Breaks is one of two books that he has authored.  The other is "Easy SMARTBoard Teaching Templates" written by Scott Miller and David Sladkey.  Daivd was first introduced to Brain Breaks by Jean Blaydes Madigan at a workshop held at Naperville Central in 2007.  Since 2007 David and most of the Naperville Central High School staff have used Jean's Brain Breaks and thought of many on their own.  From this, David decided to create a set of cards where Brain Breaks were written on each.  The Energizing Brain Breaks Book idea was born.  David's family was a little tired of practicing new Brain Breaks at the dinner table, but this proved essential in creating all 50 of the activities for the book.  Lastly, a spiral binding and laminated front/back cover was made and pictures were added to enhance the understanding of the Brain Breaks.  David currently teaches Intro to Algebra and Precalculus 4/5 of the time and does mathematics department technology 1/5 of the time.